Durable and maintenance free

Smartwindows eliminates the need for ball bearings, which can rust and jam, or rubber wheels that can degrade. Smartwindows are maintenance-free and will last you for years. No oiling and no replacement of parts required. In addition, every installation comes with a 5-year full warranty on installation !

Reduce Noise

Are you experiencing any noise disturbance around the vicinity of your house? Smartwindows cuts down noise pollution significantly as it is made of 10mm thick strong tempered glass. Whether it is noise from the highway right beside your house, mrt running on the train tracks or even loud neighbours, Smartwindows effectively reduce noise from the outside !

Clear View

Smartwindows uses clear and frameless glass panels. Many owner chose Smartwindows for their balconies because they get to enjoy unobstructed view from their balcony as they are barely visible. Hence, Smartwindows glass panels easily complements your existing interior design.

Flexible opening system

Smartwindows glass panels are fully retractable and owners can move each panel individually along the tracks so as to control ventilation around the house.

About Us

Space Plus Pte Ltd is Singapore's first leading company to supply frameless glazing system and we are specialised in outdoor systems like Ziptrak Blinds Singapore. smartwindows is our own innnovation and we have been in this industry for over 8 years. Many companies have since brought in different variations of imitated similar product into the Singapore's market. Since 2010, we have installed over thousands of properties across Singapore. Our technical team are well-trained and have great knowledge about our product, giving home-owners a peace of mind.

Why Choose Us?

  • Locally produced
  • Exclusive warranty
  • Reliable after-sales service
  • No hidden cost
  • Quality assured
  • Fast lead time
  • Personalisation
  • Excellent workmanship

Our Services

Free on-site quotation

We provide professional non-obligatory consultation and quotation for your balcony.


Even though we have full trust in our product, we offer 5 years warranty to our customers.


We provide free customisation for our customers to suit the designs of their homes.


Some of the projects we have done over the course of 8 years in this industry.

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Contact Info

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#08-28 T-Space, Singapore 528559

Contact Us + 65 6702 6266

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